Art Exhibit: When The Lights Go Out!


On Sunday, I hit up one of my favorite art gallerys in NYC: The Bottleneck Gallery. They’re known for putting out some of the greatest themed shows, ranging from zombies to bromances. This time, the show was Glow. In. The. Dark. That’s right, every single piece glowed in the dark (or under a blacklight) and looked marginally different than it’s normal-lit counterparts. By different, I mean better. The entire gallery blacked out its windows and had blacklights shining down on each piece. It was a surreal, magical experience. Art in the dark? Can I make my entire bedroom like this?

The best part was the curator letting me take ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures with the lights on. If you look closely, there are some pretty noticeable and AWESOME differences in the two. I managed to take a picture of every single piece, but here are the ones that came out the best on my camera:

photophoto (11)

Above: Cuyler Smith “They’re Here”; Clinton Reno “I Want You To Hit Me As Hard As You Can”; Erin Gallagher “Prince of Stories” and “Big Sister”.

photo (12)photo (5)

Above: Neal Russler “Formaldehyde Face”; Craig Drake “Derezzed”; Matthew Skiff “Three”.

photo (2)photo (4)

Above: Mike Bilz “Gone”; Dan McCarthy “The Day Everything Became Nothing 2”; Miles Tsang “CMYKaiju”; Filippo Morini “He Was A Friend of Mine”.

photo (3)photo (1)

Above: Will Foung “Rising Lightening Bolt Action”; Blunt Graffix “Light My Saber”; Randy Ortiz “Blythe Days Of Hope Turned Sour”; Ron Guyatt “Nuka Cola”.

photo (6)photo (8)

Above: JP Valderrama “Took Me Only 19 Years”; Strong Sauce Studio “A Real Hero”; Ben Huber “RAM”; Robert Wilson IV “Nosferatu”; Marc Scheff “Sigourney Puff”.

photo (10)photo (7)

Above: Justin Van Gendersen “Tears In The Rain”; Mark Lone “Cthulhu Awakens”; Ale Giorgini “Bates Motel”; Phillip Ellering “Thriller”; Scarecrowoven “All My Wolf Ancestors Defense”; Alice Meichi Li “The Lonely God”; Mikeatron “Powerpill Bustin”.

photo (9)

Above: Brad Hill “A Kind of Magic”; Paul Fresco “Neon Dragon Welp”; Adam Whitnall “Toxie”; Derek Eads “Paranorman Playset”.

The show’s only up until May 1st, so check it out while you still can! It’s TOTALLY WORTH IT. Trust in me.

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