Who are you?

My name’s Melissa Kay, but sometimes I go by Mecha Melissa. Texas-bred, I currently reside and work in Gotham. I’m a medical illustrator by day, and a toy painter by night. Don’t know what that is? Here ya go.  Science!

I’ve had the blog Dance With Zombies since the start of 2007. It’s had its fair share of changes and facelifts, purposes, and reasons for existing. Since then, it’s been a personal blog, zombie news site, portfolio, and tumblr. In this recent (and perhaps permanent) incarnation, it now exists as an entertainment news site, portfolio, and basic dumping ground for anything and everything I find interesting. I took everything and rolled it up into a dancing zombie jambalaya!

You can see some of my art, writings, and toys in my portfolio section. Wanna buy one of them? Head to my store.

Enjoy your stay!




My amazingly awesome logo was designed by Scarecrowoven. My site was designed by 801red. You should check both of them out, because they’re great people and super talented. Many more thanks to those unnamed individuals and narwhals who provided their support and help throughout these past few months. You know who you are.