Blackmilk Clothing’s Heroes Ammo


A small but noticeable release from Blackmilk in the upcoming week will feature some noteable pieces that are worth grabbing – including a gorgeous Black Freighter GFT! Click through for the rest of the collection.

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Check out the pinterest with pricing here. Find the official list below:

Wonder Woman Cape Suit
Superman Cape Suit
Rorschach GFT (48HR)
Rorschach BFT (48HR)
The Black Freighter GFT (48HR)

Shattered Ruby Leggings – LIMITED
Shattered Ruby Zipsuit – LIMITED
Shattered Ruby Reversible Strap Dress – LIMITED
Shattered Sapphire Leggings – LIMITED
Shattered Sapphire Zipsuit – LIMITED
Shattered Sapphire Reversible Strap Dress – LIMITED
Amerika Bomber Jacket – LIMITED
Stars 2.0 Leggings – LIMITED
Battle Catsuit
Bad Kitty Bodysuit
Bad Kitty Catsuit

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