A video game that lets you play as 80s and 90s action heroes?! Sign. Me. Up!

Created by Free Lives, Broforce is a co-op side scroller patriotism simulation. The basic premise is this – you pick out your favorite action hero (out of 15 ‘bros’) and take on the war against terror. Just some of the heroes you get to pick from are Snake, Rambo, Blade, and Dredd! I know, right? It’s kind of like The Expendables for video games.




  • More explosions, camera shake and action than anything else, ever.
  • Fully destructible terrain.
  • Local Bro-op play and online multiplayer bro-op.
  • Deathmatch arenas with leaderboards and rankings.
  • Unlockable “bros” – each with distinctive attacks and special brobilities.
  • A level editor, the ability to challenge your friends and share your custom levels.
  • Design your own Brofort – with unlockable rooms and additions to defend against terrorist onslaught, or just hang out.
  • Vehicular action sequences, dinosaurs, aliens and epic Contra-inspired boss fights.
  • Nuanced and strategic combat, explosive action and deadly stealth.
  • For every terrorist killed in Broforce, a terrorist will die in real life.

You can play the “Brototype” here or pre-order the game here.

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