C2E2 2013: News Wrap-Up!

C2E2

Having never been to C2E2 or Chicago before, I was immediately impressed with the mechanics of this convention. The venue was gorgeous and just large enough to accommodate the mass amounts of people frolicking about. I felt like I had a solid chance at viewing each and every booth and table at artist alley. Chicago itself was simply gorgeous; it felt like a cleaner, quieter New York. In other words, I fell in love.

I’m going to be breaking up my coverage into two separate posts – one, below, will be the latest and greatest news to come out of C2E2. The other will depict all my adventures and awesome cosplay I bestowed my eyes upon. Get ready!

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Dark Horse Comics  has announced Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight (left), written by Alex de Campi and various artists for the 8 issue miniseries. Dark Horse described it as:

“Bringing the flavor of midnight exploitation flicks to comics, Grindhouse delivers four two-issue gore operas, starting with the Chris Peterson-drawn ‘Bee Vixens from Mars’, pitting a one-eyed southern Latina deputy against lusty alien chicks bent on laying eggs in the entire male population.”

Sounds like my kind of jam.

On the right, we see something made out of dreams: Dredd versus Mars Attacks! Veteran Judge Dredd writer Al Ewing will join artist John McCrea on the latest in a series of Mars Attacks crossovers. IDW Publishing says:

“An army of angry green men bent on galactic conquest have landed in Mega-City One, but they didn’t count on the grizzled lawmaking legend of Judge Dredd standing in their way.
The skeptics say it’s one man versus an army, but obviously those naysayers don’t know the Judge named… Dredd!”


Secret confession: I’ve been a big fan of Elquest for years. So when I heard that Dark Horse will be bringing it back to print, I was beyond elated. The first release arrives in the fall and will be the prologue to Elfquest: The Final Quest. Following that, Dark Horse will release The Final Quest alongside all-new editions of previously published material.

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Dark Horse also announced that they will be making a run of comics based off the Halo videogame franchise. The new miniseries will be written by Brian Reed and joined by artist Marco Castiello.

Zombie animals? Whah? IDW Publishing also announced The Other Dead, featuring creators Joshua Ortega, Digger T. Mesch, and Kevin Eastman. The story will revolve around a sudden outbreak turning every single animal into a flesh-eating monster. I’m in.

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DarkHorse will also be publishing the long teased Hellboy: The Midnight Circus this fall. Written by Mignola and drawn by artist Duncan Fegredo, “The Midnight Circus” tells a new tale of young Hellboy as he tries to run away from his military base upbringing but finds something much more dangerous in the wild.

IDW Publishing also announced the end of Lock & Key (sadface) with two alpha issues.  Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s oversized comics will take the place of the previously announced Locke & Key: Omega #6. The currently ongoing IDW Publishing miniseries will now conclude with issue #5.

There were lots more new comisc announced, but these were some of my favorites and the ones I’m most excited about!

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