Chogrin and Bottleneck Gallery’s “It Came From 1984!”


When I first heard that one of my favorite art galleries, Bottleneck Gallery, was putting on a show featuring artwork from one of the best years ever (1984), I practically screamed with joy. Okay, not practically. I really did. Just think of all the movies that came out that year – Terminator, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Toxic Avenger, Karate Kid, Dune, Neverending Story…the list goes on and on! Are you excited yet?

Artist Chogrin Muñoz curated this wonderful show, titled IT CAME FROM 1984!  along with lots of other fine talent – including Godmachine, Craig Drake, Matthew Skiff, Alex Campos, Kyle Crawford, Paul Ainsworth (and tons more).

I managed to snag quite a few pieces on the opening night…and have even more put away on my wishlist. You can buy some yourself over at their official page – but hurry, most will probably go pretty fast.

Check out the gallery of pieces from the opening below!

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