DC Collectibles Bombshell: Choose Your Own Mera

mera Another exciting addition to the DC Collectibles Bombshell line has just been announced – Mera! And what’s even better – this time the fans can choose which design of Mera they like the best!  They’ve released 3 options:

  • A) A “beach-attire” Mera in a one-piece swimsuit and holding a sun hat.
  • B) A “naval/sailor” Mera wearing a bikini top, navy-themed pants, and a sailor’s cap
  • C) A mix of options A and B. Mera wears the same one-piece swimsuit as seen with A but has the sailor’s cap and is saluting as with B

The voting polls are currently open on the DC Comics website.  What’s your favorite design? Personally, I’m leaning towards option C. 130   222   317   (via On Wednesday We Wear Pink).

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