Gundams, Curry, and Tea Kettles, Oh My!


Now, I’m kind of a weirdo when it comes to food so I’m not particularly fond of curry. However, if YOU are, then have I got GREAT FANTASTIC AWESOME news for you! The latest collaboration between Cup Noodle and Gundam comes a brand new set of small-scaled kits for their 40th anniversary: a cup of curry and a small little gundam.


I think it’s adorable. Cute little cups of curry and a matching gundam?! It targets both my basic needs! (If I liked curry, that is). There are three kits included in the promotion, all with their own 1/380 scale RX-78-2 Gundam, Char’s Gelgood and the classic Zaku II. Each of the kits are done in clear plastic and their weapon of choice is a tea kettle. Joy!


What’s next? A pint of ice cream with matching AT-AT! (A girl can dream, right?)

(via Tomopop.)

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