Movie Review: Evil Dead

Oh, remakes. The name itself conjures up images of horror and disappointment, Hollywood taking a big dump on our precious sense of nostalgia. Why break what isn’t broken? We all ask ourselves. Every other month. So, when I heard that they were remaking the Evil Dead, I was filled with the usual sense of dread and frustration. How could they ever compete with a series of movies so celebrated and worshipped by cult fanatics? My interest was soon piqued, however, when I saw the first trailer. It seemed….promising.

When we first begin, I’m a little confused by who exactly ‘Ash’ was going to be in the movie. I read some about it, but I left most for surprise. No one’s named Ashley directly, and the girl that’s supposed to play him isn’t wearing the typical garb donned by Campbell. Her brother was, however, in a way. Hence the slight confusion. Anyways, a group of five friends head out to a cabin in the woods (oooooo) to help their friend kick her ol’ drug habit. That’s nasty. One of the friends discovered a super creepy old book in one rooms and – despite warnings RIGHT THERE ON THE FIRST FREAKING PAGE – opens up the book and unleashes a horrific evil hellbent on all out murder and destruction. The usual. The evil begins to infect each of the friends one by one until….spoiler, spoiler, spoiler.

Overall, I thought it was a fun, solid horror flick. There’s plenty of gore to last you til the next rendition, and lots of crazy, new ways to die. And tree rape, of course. There’s gotta be some tree rape. Did I feel like it stood up next to the original cult classic? Absolutely not. While definitely horror, the new Evil Dead lacked the humor and cheese always present in the originals – and what made them so full of win. I mean, I hate to say it, but: There’s no Evil Dead like a Bruce Campbell Evil Dead. Still, though, it’s better than most horror films out nowadays, and definitely warrants a fun date night. If I was your date, of course. I wouldn’t bring your mom.

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