NYCC 2013 Wrap-Up!



Ahhhh, my favorite time of the year: New York Comic Con! This convention is dearest to my heart (for a number of a reasons) because it’s about ten minutes from my house. Okay…more like an hour. But still, a convention in one of the greatest cities on earth? Sign me up! This year’s con was a whirlwind of toys, food, cosplay and Sigourney Weaver. Though my favorite moments spawned from the after parties and late night diner excursions, I have to admit that some parts of the con itself were pretty amazing. Ladies and gents, get ready for a picture heavy post….


The outstanding number of cosplays this year was no different than any other – I spied about sixteen Elizabeths (Bioshock Infinite), a hundred versions of Harley Quinn and tons of Heisenbergs – which was bittersweet. I took some good pics, but posted a few of my favorites here (that Doom!).


Ahhhh….the SWAG. The best part about NYCC this year was the increase in the size of the “Block” area. I’ve always been keen on designer and vinyl toys and have recently become interested in creating in that field. When I saw that the area designated for such art was, in fact, ENORMOUS, I became extremely excited. It was hard not to go crazy over every single custom toy, but I managed to narrow down my selections to a few choice pieces (keep scrolling for some up close and personals). I also managed to nab SDCC’s exclusive Cheetara, a Heisenberg, a Catwoman statue, a vintage Dracula see-through figure, and a mini Asuka.


In addition to the ridiculous number of toys I procured, I also emptied my wallet on some really beautiful prints: A Scarecrowoven piece, lots of Jason Edmiston art, an exclusive Bottleneck Gallery ‘Return of the Schwartz’ piece, Dean Trippe‘s amazingly awesome You’ll Be Safe Here piece, and Mike Choi’s X-23…IN A METS T-SHIRT. Yes, that. Unfortunately, I didn’t spend nearly enough time in artist alley this year, so I didn’t get as much art as I usually do. But, I think my wallet thanks for me this.


A couple close-ups of the pretty freakin awesome Scarecrowoven and Mark Ultra’s Void Man and the Boba T-1000, an exclusive from Tenacious Toys.


It was love at first sight: check out this amazing custom exclusive from artist Kris Dulfer. He only made about six of this sexy little female stormtroopers and I knew I just had to have one. As a bonus, I got a matching little death star. These pictures hardly do them justice, however, so you’re just going to have to pick them up for yourselves one day.


LOOK AT THAT DRACULA. LOOK AT IT. REMEMBER IT. Because I’m probably going to paint it. Also, Catwoman: I love you.


Another designer toy exclusive, the InstincToy Bear. Drool. Oh, and a little Cheetara. It was a San Diego exclusive that I missed out on this year, and I’ve regretted it ever since. Regret no further!


The close-up of Jason Edmiston’s Ed-209 piece. It’s actually metallic in person. Really, it’s beyond beautiful. Also, I heard that it will be used on the future box art of NECA’s Ed-209 figure coming out soon. I’m getting six of them.


A few snapshots of toys I desired: some Mezco Breaking Bad plushies and Bride of Chucky figures.


New Daft Punks from Figure Arts AND THIS HELMET OH GOD IT’S BEAUTIFUL.


Finally! The Alien Reaction set in full-force. I’ve been counting down to these bad boys, which should be rereleased soon. I can’t wait! I also spotted this amazing Gremlin toy but once again it was a kajillion dollars. I did get to touch it, though.


Some Gears of War weapons and random vinyls…


A piece from Jim Mahfood and a super awesome Batman drawn on the big boards in the Block.


THIS LITTLE HIT GIRL. I CAN’T. I seriously wanted to steal her!

Aaaaaand that’s all folks! I’d say the con was a total success, the convention itself and the events that took place thereafter. Now, I’m going to go sleep for a week.

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  1. Crystal says:

    That Boys of Silence cosplay! That Ed-209! That Alien Reaction set! THAT HIT GIRL! Looked awesome. 😀

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks, girl! I am counting down the days until I can get my hands on that Alien Reaction set!

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