Sideshow’s She Predator Premium Format Figure


Is she sexy or what? The latest addition to Sideshow’s premium format figures is none other than Machiko Noguchi – also known as She-Predator from Alien Vs Predator. She comes with a removable mask and a detailed base (complete with a smashed alien queen!) Click through for more details.

Based on an original interpretive character study, Sideshow’s artists have envisioned the beautiful yet barbaric warrior in a customizable display that features interchangeable masked and unmasked portraits. Determined to restore her lost family honor and overcome a lonely existence, Machiko’s tough persona and hunter’s prowess is perfectly captured in her expression and pose. Having won the hard earned respect of a Yatuja leader, her striking appearance imitates theirs, wearing her dark hair slicked back in dreadlocks, customized Predator armor with a fabric netted body suit, and the mark of their clan on her brow. Standing triumphantly over a fallen Alien Queen, and armed with razor sharp wrist gauntlets, a combi-stick spear and shoulder-mounted plasma cannon, it’s plain to see Machiko can take care of herself, as part of the pack or out on her own.

200251-machiko-noguchi-003 200251-machiko-noguchi-006 200251-machiko-noguchi-016200251-machiko-noguchi-005

Pre-order She-Predator here for $439.99.

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