Hasbro’s All New X-Men Boxed Set!


Like Marvel Legends? Check. Like Marvel Universe? Check, check.  Hasbro has revealed their first major debut for 2014: All-New X-Men box-set. Hasbro has resurrected the Legends line with several new waves of 6-inch figures depicting everyone from Spider-Man and the X-Men to the Wrecking Crew and the Thunderbolts.
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Top 12 Toys from 2013


TOYS, TOYS, TOYS. I normally spend a ridiculous amount of money buying plastic figures of greatness, and this year was no exception. With the recent onslaught of ‘retro’ toys on the scene, I’ve gone from toy enthusiast to toy oh-my-god-I’m-freaking-obsessed-I-will-be-broke-I’m-screaming- die-hard dictator. Can you be a dictator of toys? Sure. That’s me. Read more…

Marvel Releases Unadorned Kevin Wada She-Hulk Cover


Just what the title says – Marvel finally released an unadorned version of Kevin Wada’s beautiful She-Hulk cover. His stunning art is reason enough to start getting into the series – but it’s actually well-written, too.