NECA’s Jason and Freddy 8″ Retro Figures


I am utterly obsessed with all of the latest retro throwbacks coming out lately from NECA. First, that amazing Jason Voorhees from the NES game (that box art!) and then another 8-bit figure featuring Freddy. Don’t even get me started on all of that new Batman 66′ stuff. Coming soon from NECA, are two more retro throwback figures: A fabric, 8-inch figure of both Freddy and Jason. Egats! See below for more pics and info: Read more…

Toy Fair 2013 Wrap-Up!

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Toy Fair 2013: In other words, Melissa’s paradise. Of hell. If you don’t know me, then you probably aren’t aware of my disgustingly sick [re: awesome] obsession with toys, statues, action figures, legos, YOU NAME IT. I have an entire storage room brimming with boxes and boxes of opened and unopened figures. It’s crazy.

So when I had a chance to attend Toy Fair, I jumped at the opportunity, stars in my eyes. When I say hell, by the way, I truly mean it. Yes, the entire convention is jam-packed with every toy your heart could ever conjure up, but – and here’s the nasty part – NONE OF IT IS FOR SALE. That’s right. It’s just previews and stuff to place orders from. You can look but you certainly can’t touch. Or bring home. Or worship. Sigh. Anyways, below is a mere smattering of the delicious treasure troves I laid my eyes upon. Read more…