Alien Isolation Nostromo Edition DLC


ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? Are you sitting down? Okay, take a deep breath: the original cost from the 1979 film Alien have re-united once more for Alien Isolation! Eeeek!

What this means is that players can now control Ellen freakin’ Ripley, Dallas or Parker in the DLC. This exclusive little bundle will be available in the Nostromo Edition where you get a special mission called the Crew Expendable. Yeah. For real. Dreams do come true!

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I’ve finally opened my storenevy and updated my portfolio section! Go! Go! Go! Or just hang out here, that’s cool too.

Anyways, my portfolio page has been in the making for a long time.  I just have a few pieces on there right now, but there’s a boatload of art just waiting to be uploaded! And maybe one day, I’ll even post a couple of GABA receptor drawings, or the lining of an atherosclerotic blood vessel. I know how much you love the world of biomedical communications.