NECA’s NES Predator Figure!


Ahhhh! Another one?! Yes, another one. NECA just announced it’s latest addition to the ever-so-amazing NES figure line – Predator! This 8-bit figure is based on the likeness of the 1989 video game – and comes in yet another amazing case. I can hardly wait until the May release date!

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Top 12 Toys from 2013


TOYS, TOYS, TOYS. I normally spend a ridiculous amount of money buying plastic figures of greatness, and this year was no exception. With the recent onslaught of ‘retro’ toys on the scene, I’ve gone from toy enthusiast to toy oh-my-god-I’m-freaking-obsessed-I-will-be-broke-I’m-screaming- die-hard dictator. Can you be a dictator of toys? Sure. That’s me. Read more…