Sideshow’s She Predator Premium Format Figure


Is she sexy or what? The latest addition to Sideshow’s premium format figures is none other than Machiko Noguchi – also known as She-Predator from Alien Vs Predator. She comes with a removable mask and a detailed base (complete with a smashed alien queen!) Click through for more details.

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Top 12 Toys from 2013


TOYS, TOYS, TOYS. I normally spend a ridiculous amount of money buying plastic figures of greatness, and this year was no exception. With the recent onslaught of ‘retro’ toys on the scene, I’ve gone from toy enthusiast to toy oh-my-god-I’m-freaking-obsessed-I-will-be-broke-I’m-screaming- die-hard dictator. Can you be a dictator of toys? Sure. That’s me. Read more…