Silent Hills Demo

Prepare yourself: Hideo Kojma and Guillermo Del Toro are releasing a horror game, titled Silent Hills, that will most definitely scare the pants off you. Del Toro making a videogame!? Sign me up.



A video game that lets you play as 80s and 90s action heroes?! Sign. Me. Up!

Created by Free Lives, Broforce is a co-op side scroller patriotism simulation. The basic premise is this – you pick out your favorite action hero (out of 15 ‘bros’) and take on the war against terror. Just some of the heroes you get to pick from are Snake, Rambo, Blade, and Dredd! I know, right? It’s kind of like The Expendables for video games.
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Alien: Isolation Screenshots and Trailer


What’s that? A new Alien video game – that actually looks good? You got it! Sega recently launched a new trailer for Alien: Isolation – a new horror survival game featuring Ripley’s daughter. And you get to play as her!
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Xbox One Titanfall Limited Edition Controller


As if I needed another reason to lust after the xbox one: along with the release of the much-anticipated Titanfall (March 11th), this limited edition controller will also be available for purchase. The need is great in this one.
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