Toy Fair: NECA Spotlight


Toy Fair 2014 wouldn’t have felt right if I hadn’t started the journey off with my favorite toy brand, NECA. And as usual, their new toy reveals didn’t disappoint. Feast your eyes on these delicious plastic treats!

I had been anxiously awaiting sneak peeks at the promised Alien and Aliens line coming out – and I couldn’t be more excited. And what’s more – word is that they’ve finally just had Sigourney agree to license out her likeness – so get ready for some AMAZING Ripley figures! Also, check out that power loader. Drool!

Other items of note include a handsome Booker Dewitt figure, the NES Predator, the Planet of the Apes figures, Scalers, more Megos and a promised 1/4th Rambo. My wallet will suffer greatly this year – I can barely contain all my excitement at all these retro throwbacks!

Enough talking, check out the pictures from the booth below:


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