WIP: Graffiti Series One – Clone Trooper!


I’m working on a limited set of four figures in a Graffiti series I’ll be putting out later this month – just in time for the holidays! Here’s a peek at the first one, and some photos of the process…


First, I start off by thoroughly cleansing the toy with two parts water, one part rubbing alcohol. I then layer on a base coat for priming – in this case, I used turquoise.

Next, I play around with hand-painting some base colors so I can get an idea of color composition and where I want everything to go. Then, it’s spray, spray, spray! I layer and mix various colors to achieve the above effect.



After it dries completely, I then used various sized black ink pens to draw the graffiti designs all over the figure. I don’t really plan it out, I just kind of start drawing and one design leads to another.

photo 2 (7)


Finally, I set the figure with a few coats of clear gloss. And there you have it! My own mini process.

The series will range from $65-85, and will be for sale next week in my store.

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